Antonio Cromartie’s Wife Terricka Hints Twins Babies 11 and 12 are on the Way

Terricka Cromartie was not pleased when stories surfaced that the mothers of Antonio Cromartie’s children were trying to appear on a Reality Show to spotlight their situations (Jets Antonio Cromartie Has His 10th Child…10 Kids, 8 Women, 6 States..Want Reality Show).

She went to Twitter to voice her frustrations against several sites, including BlackSportsOnline for reporting on what she called “Dumbness”.

Matter of opinion on if that is the case.   Even though a report in the New York Post says she is expecting Twins, I wouldn’t take that as 100% truth.

She never said they were her Twins, just that Twins run in her family.  Anyone can Google a sonogram, so I am not convince.  Considering the situation it could just be a joke to prove her point that the media will just run with any story.  If that is the case pretty smart on her part, but BSO won’t report something as fact without the person confirming and she hasn’t.

Part of Mrs. Cromatire’s complaints is that the media doesn’t report the facts and slander without cause.  BlackSportsOnline will never be accused of that.

The wife of the Jets cornerback posted a sonogram photo on Twitter that suggests the pair is expecting twins. That would make it 12 kids overall for Cromartie, with four from his wife, and eight others all from separate women.

Terricka Cason, who goes under the Twitter handle @iluvTERRICKA, has been receiving congratulations from followers since posting the photo around noon on Tuesday. That included one from Jets linebacker Bart Scott’s wife.

Terricka says that she will no longer engage in public rants against people who have assorted opinions about her husband and their relationship.

Good luck to them.


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  • Uhhhh…”I am passionate about god, my husband, my kids, in that order”. Wtf??? Kids are last on the list? Kids are after husband on the list?

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