Arkansas Razorbacks Coach Bobby Petrino Injured in Motorcycle Accident

Bobby Petrino, the head football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, was involved in a motorcycle crash on Sunday night. He suffered serious injuries that are not believed to be life threatening.

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Arkansas State Police said Petrino crashed his motorcycle on a highway and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

A source close to Petrino told Schad the coach is “pretty banged up” but “will recover.”

The crash happened Sunday night on Arkansas Highway 16 in Madison County, near the community of Crosses, Police spokesman Bill Sadler said. Petrino was driving a motorcycle that left the highway and crashed, Sadler said.

Knowing how rabid football fans are, especially in the South, there is probably a group of Atlanta Falcons fans that are happy to hear this news. If you remember, Petrino famously quit before the end of his first season and a day after pledging his allegiance to team owner Arthur Blank.

I would hope that people who are going to be be cruel will be doing so knowing that he is going to be OK. Then again, had he died I am pretty sure people would have still been callous, it is the internet after all.

If Falcons fans want to be clever, they should send Petrino a 4 sentence laminated get well note. When he quit the Falcons, he broke the news to his players using a laminated note taped to their lockers.