Basketball Wives Kenya Bell Offiical Music Video “Choices”


To my understand this has been a running topic on the Almost Basketball Wives, Kenya’s music career.  Also something about kitten heels, but I have no clue what that means.

My feelings are if you want to be a singer, dancer or whatever go for it.  Can’t fail or succeed if you don’t try.  What do you think of the video?

I will never complain about scantily clad women dancing around.


  1. I am very grateful for animal control acknowledging that if I have a disability and I have a service animal- I can get a tag. Then I can take my “puppy in training” so that he can get really socialized as part of the early training process.

  2. i like the video. she sings better than some pros…..just sayin…..could be catchy if there were a little more vocals….overall i give it a 8.75. can’t wait to see what’s next. congrats miss Kenya bell for not letting the hate of others hold u back! haters hate cuz that’s their job.

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