Bills Mario Williams Tweets Pic of His Silencer Gun

Williams legally owns the silencer.

Even though they are illegal in New York, he is good to go in Texas and North Carolina where he has residences. While he is free to post whatever he likes on Twitter, as you can imagine the response wasn’t a positive one.

Former Texans Pro Bowl defensive end Mario Williams likes fast cars and guns.

Williams posted a photo on his Twitter account early Friday morning of a gun with a silencer attached, along with the message “Shhhh gnight world.”

Silencers are legal in Texas but not in New York, where Williams will spend much of the year after signing a six-year free-agent deal potentially worth $100 million with the Buffalo Bills in March. Williams said on Twitter today that he was in Houston.

According to the policy, NFL players are not banned from owning weapons, although it is strongly discouraged.

“If you legally possess a weapon, you must understand the local, state and federal laws that apply,” the policy said.

In addition, the policy states, “if you take a weapon from one place to another — for example, across state lines — a different set of laws may apply in the new place.”

That last part is called the Plaxico Burress rule.

Williams seemed surprised by the negative reaction he received, not sure what type of reaction he thought he would get. No matter legal or not, when people see a black man with a gun especially one that is Jason Bournish, it will never be a positive.

Doesn’t mean it is fair, but that is the reality.