Bobby Petrino Didn’t Call 911, Tried to Cover Up Motorcycle Accident With Jessica Dorrell

I will never forget my journalism professor at The Ohio State University, talking to me after class about what makes a regular story into a mega story.


If Bobby Petrino calls 911 and says he and a friend got into a motorcycle accident, maybe the media don’t go fishing so hard when they started to hear conflicting reports.

But as soon as Petrino started to act different than a regular person who has been in an accident would, it was just a matter of time before he was exposed.

The companion, Jessica Dorrell, flagged down a passing car, which scooped up the pair and took them to her car. Then Petrino, looking for help, called his friend, Captain Lance King.

According to Jessica Dean of KARK-4 in Little Rock, King “travels with” Petrino to games. Dean says it was King who picked up Petrino after Dorrell was dropped off, and drove him to the hospital.

When an officer showed up at the scene of the accident, he found nobody – presumably just a fallen bike. It is unclear who called 911. Naturally, the State Police would like a word with Mr. King.

State Police Captain Lance King, commander of Troop L in Springdale, has been asked by his supervisor to provide a detailed summary of his involvement with Coach Petrino and other individuals who’ve been identified within the crash investigation.

So Petrino whose face was bloody and had four broken ribs decided it was best not to call 911, but to call his buddy who happened to be a Police Captain.

This is just bad all the way around, but since Petrino has taken to Arkansas to two straight BCS Bowl Games, don’t expect him to be fired.

Right now he is on a paid vacation errrrrr paid administrative  leave.


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  • Damn and players on the team get kicked off the team for selling their jerseys for favors.

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