Bobby Petrino Gave Mistress Jessica Dorrell $20k & a Job over 159 Applicants


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When Pimpin Goes Wrong.

We get on the Almost Basketball Wives and Twodels a lot about their Gold Digging ways, but how will we treat Ms. Dorrell?  I want you to clear your mind and I am going to present these facts without names.

A young woman is engaged to be married on June 9th is carrying on an affair with a married man twice her age.  The married man is providing her with large sums of cash and in an effort to keep her close hires for a job with over 159 qualified candidates.

How would you describe her?

Where I am from she would called a ………….

A High Price Hooker

But I digress.

I want to talk to her fiancée, where is he hiding?  There are rumors that he is still thinking about going through with the wedding.  If that is the case I need to sleep with Ms. Dorrell to see what is so special about her.

Maybe he is just a sucker in love, but inquiring minds would like to know. He doesn’t look like the type, but could have he been in on the scam?

Women like Dorrell don’t really love the old guy they are messing around with, they love the money and the status.

Still many mysterious to be solved, while we all try to figure it out. Listen to Arkansas AD Jeff Long drop professional ether on Petrino.

4 thoughts on “Bobby Petrino Gave Mistress Jessica Dorrell $20k & a Job over 159 Applicants

  • Just some constructive feedback. I don’t understand the paragraph regarding the other 150 applicants. Funny how you don’t give the “clear your mind disclaimer” when you refer to “other” women but I am not surprised. Also, your last paragraph should read mysteries instead of mysterious.

  • That’s how life works. If Petrino didn’t get all goofy over his bike accident, he’d still be “riding Harley’s” today.

  • Wanna’ bet that the June 9th date is cancelled ??

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