Bobby Petrino & Jessica Dorrell Exchanged Texts Before Big Games..84 in One Day


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How long before Jessica plays the victim role?

You know the sexting messages will be released and some people think the penis pics are coming.

Please dear Lord I’m hoping that doesn’t happen.  The Big Lead breaks down the love fest between Petrino and Dorrell.

* The week of the Alabama game, Petrino’s 1st phone call each morning was to Dorrell for 4 straight days at 5:52 am on Tuesday, 6:35 am on Wednesday, 5:49 am on Thursday, and 7:55 am on Friday

* The day before a road game against Vanderbilt (31-28 win), 84 text messages were exchanged

* On Oct. 17, the two exchanged 73 text messages

I have to be fair to Petrino, this isn’t unusual texting behavior.  No one talks on the phone anymore and if you are going back and forth it doesn’t take long to end up with over 50 messages in a short period of time.

Looks like Petrino was making sure his boo got that good morning text everyday.

Here is a little tip for Bobby, get another phone that can’t be trace if you are going to do this.  Hope he had the unlimited the plan.

By the way it was an University issued phone.


4 thoughts on “Bobby Petrino & Jessica Dorrell Exchanged Texts Before Big Games..84 in One Day

  • Bwhahaha! So good for him, expose this coward.

  • My only problem is that he used a school issued phone. Bobby Pet is a novice to playing women.

  • When did she have time to text her fianc’e………lol

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