Bobcats Coach Paul Silas Has Physical Altercation With Tyrus Thomas

I wouldn’t mess with Paul Silas.

He is old school NBA. He is probably disgusted by what he sees on the court these days, so I am not surprised he almost beat up Tyrus Thomas.

Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas shoved 6-foot-10 forward Tyrus Thomas after a postgame screaming match Sunday night, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Several players intervened immediately and separated the coach and player, and no punches were thrown, sources said.

Silas, 68, had been incensed with Thomas chatting with some Boston Celtics players on the court, and lashed out at him in the losing locker room afterward. Eventually, Thomas snapped back at Silas, and the coach warned him to say no more or risk a suspension.

Once Thomas stood up, Silas pushed him toward his locker stall, sources said.

Tried to get a comment for Michael Jordan, but weren’t allowed in his private poker room.

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  • Im glad Silas did that… these players are soft, spoiled and stealing millions of dollars… that franchise is a joke

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