Brandon Jacobs in Trouble for Fast & Furious Style Incident in New Jersey

Brandon Jacobs isn’t too bright.

He says and does things, that a rational human being wouldn’t. What would make him think this would be a good idea?

Jacobs was one of the drivers in a convoy of approximately 25-30 luxury sports cars which were escorted down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City by two Jersey troopers March 30, per The (Newark) Star-Ledger. According to witnesses, the cars sped down the toll road at speeds exceeding 100 mph.

Motorists on the road that day have expressed scary accounts and outrage.

“I had the great pleasure today of nearly being killed by, not one, but two, Lamborghinis traveling in excess of 110 mph in a (police) escorted ‘caravan’ of approximately 30 exotic vehicles all traveling well over 100 mph,” witness Wayne Gantt wrote in an e-mail to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, adding that the cars weaved dangerously across the road.

Gantt called the convoy “Death Race 2012.”

Jacobs’ agent confirmed “Brandon was part of a group that went down to Atlantic City on March 30” but did not provide further details.

If you are an athlete and you participate in stupid stunts like this, when it hits the news they aren’t going to name all 30 drivers, your name is going to be in the headlines.