Brandon Jacobs Says His Lack of Production Was Because of Giants Offensive Line

I believe Jacobs lack of production was because he isn’t that great of a running back. He is good, decent, but he has Bart Scott syndrome where his quotes are better than his talents.

He says the #1 reason he went to 49ers was straight cash homie and I have no problems with that. If you have two Super Bowl rings and you are an aging running back you need to make as much money as possible.

He passed the blame for him being terrible in short yardage situation to the Giants O-Line, here is what he had to say.

Jacobs was asked if it’s possible to run straight ahead in third and short situations. He struggled in short yardage situations in 2011 and blamed his problems on the Giants offensive line.

“Oh, no question. You can definitely do it. You gotta have the attitude to do it, and also you gotta have the offensive linemen in front of the back to be able to get it done. I think the 49ers have what it takes to be able to get that yard. No one’s perfect — somebody’s gonna get a step on you at some point somewhere and you’re not gonna be perfect. Because we had issues. When I was with the Giants, we had issues down the line. Of course I took the blame for those (because I was) holding the ball. But ultimately, at the end of the day it is my fault because I do have the ball and that’s what people see. But there’s a lot more than that going on.

The offensive line does have to play it’s part, but it is a yard and Jacobs weighs 350 he should be able to fall forward and get a first down, but he tip toes and tries to bounce plays outside and is stop dead in his tracks.

There are many who believe he won’t even make the 49ers opening day roster.