Brock Lesnar Forgets He Isn’t in UFC, Gives John Cena’s Bloody Lip (Video)

Brock Lesnar had a reputation from his first go around with the WWE of crossing the line when it came to blowing spots and being a bit more physical than he should be.

Pro wrestling is an athletic activity, but there are certain precautions that are taken to make sure someone doesn’t get seriously hurt.

Unless you still believe after being hit with 50 punches and still being able to stand is possible.

Lesnar was brought back to add some star power, but he needs to be careful as John Cena is the main guy in the WWE and  you can’t be busting him up in a fake brawl.

To Cena’s credit, he didn’t complain and even did a match later in the evening, but Brock needs to get it together before he actually hurts someone.

H/T Deadspin