Brock Lesnar’s New WWE Contract Worth $5 million

Brock Lesnar was making good money in the UFC considering most UFC fighters aren’t paid very well to get their heads bashed in.

But, he wasn’t making $5 million a year to make two appearances a month and not have to worry about being kicked in the head for real and not make believe. While being a WWE wrestler isn’t a walk in the park (those chair shots are real), it isn’t like fighting MMA.

WWE Money >>> UFC Money

Brock Lesnar’s new WWE contract is reportedly worth $5 million.

The former UFC heavyweight champion returned to the WWE this week and plunged straight back into a rivalry storyline with John Cena.

Pro-wrestling blogs are reporting that his contract will last until next year’s WrestleMania event, making it a 12-month deal.

The frequency of his appearances under the new contract is not known but one source has it at around two per month. That is still far in excess of his obligations with the UFC but far less than other WWE pro-wrestlers are required to undertake.