Can Anyone ID This Fan in The “Believe Memphis” Grizzlies Headband? (Photo)


If you follow me on Twitter (why aren’t you? @BlkSportsOnline join the Empire) you know that I am the King of the “Struggle Faces”.

Any time there is an elimination game in sports or a crazy occurrence takes place I post pics on Twitter that shows the struggle of the team or player.

When the Grizzlies blew a 27 point lead to the Clippers of course Struggle Faces were in order. The first two were standard,

But third pic (which you see up top)……………………………

It was special, so special we want to know who the fan is and let him know that at BlackSportsOnline feels his pain. If you can ID him please let us know ASAP with proof and a reward will be given.

We have confirmed it is not Sheamus from the WWE.


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