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by BSO Staff | Posted on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
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  1. Brent Goodrich says:

    Being from Vancouver, I was happy to see Boston knocked out! I realize that people get wrapped up in their sports teams, (as I love our canucks) and are very dissapointed their team is out. But, there is no place for racial abuse. Get a grip people! it’s a HOCKEY GAME. In week you’ll be over it . Surely they must have more important things in their life to be worried about!

  2. Not all Bs fans says:

    Bruins fan here who is as disgusted with this behavior as could be. This is the legacy of internet anonymity.

  3. lenny kriger(this is why i'm NOT a hocky fan!!!!! says:

    Simply put, just give “folks” an excuse,and their TRUE COLOR allllwwways show themselves.Oh yeah… I rank NASCAR trash in that same ilk!!!Look how they treatd the First Lady!! Nuff said> The end is coming!!!!!

  4. Gregory8 says:

    The Bruins lost-get over it and get a life. I know these slurs are not indicative of most Bostonians. These comments came from the low-rent side of town were their sorry, empty lives revolve around hockey. These pathetic little people have nothing more to look forward to than the outcome of some sporting event. These sad creatures have no brains, no future, and no hope; I guess I might to into a drunken jackass and sports fanatic if that’s all there was to my life. Talk about the living dead.

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