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  • It’s incredible how some folks remain unchanged. I have a lot of white, black, Asian & Latino friends and to us the whole being different and from different cultures has subsided by getting to know each other. It’s difficult to understand some persons ignorance and lack of exposure to culture. The USA is what is it because of its abundant culture and diverse population. I don’t think these few racist white folks is a representation of the entire Boston city as a whole but it certainly reminds us – that we remain unchanged and though this is regarding a very solid hockey player as is Ward, some chose to focus on the color of his skin. I live in DC and reason why is because I appreciate the diversity and total meltingpot of cultures DC has become. Great goal by Ward and amazing Caps are getting through! White, Black or Brown or whatever other color you may want to add, remember WE are all humans on ths earth, life is a precious gift and life has its way of making you pay, it’s not karma, its life. If you owe, you will pay!

  • to all you haters out there, try and show people that us white folks aren’t all closed-minded, ignorant vermin. Your comments simply perpetuate a stereotype that most of us have been working to overcome for years. I only wish all of you could have been on the ice so Joel Ward could have burned your sorry non hockey playing selfs. I guess jut like in the 1800’s you still think that skin color makes someone superior and it burns your ass when reality slaps that myth right in your face. Joel Ward is a Washington Cap and he put the winning goal past your like minded goalie. And oh yeah he happens to be African-American. Think of it this…perhaps its fate that he scores that goal on Thomas, the man who dissed our Preident, who also happens to be African-Amrerican


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