Carmelo Anthony Song: “Melo Is it 3 You’re Looking For?” (Video)

Didn’t Knicks want Melo deported at the All Star Break?

Fickle fans…

Make no mistake Melo got Mike D’Antoni fired, but……unlike Dwight Howard he didn’t even pretend to like D’Antoni and when everything was put on his shoulders he has performed at an extremely high level keeping the Knicks in the playoff race.

The Knicks fans are so desperate just for a competitive team I won’t go into how this version of Melo while brilliant can’t continue if they want long term success.  I’ll let them enjoy the ride for now.

This song is a bit disturbing, but creative.


2 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony Song: “Melo Is it 3 You’re Looking For?” (Video)

  • …How a dude averaging damn near 30 and 10 this month can’t contribute to long term success? Melo is easily one of the top 3 players in the league if not the best. You kill me with this hating shit you be on.

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