Carmelo Anthony Wants Mike Woodson to Coach the Knicks in 2013

Mike Woodson is a smart individual.

He knew the only chance he had to keep the Knicks coaching job, was to let Melo be Melo and pray. His prayers were answered because a Happy Melo became a scoring beast who actually played defense from time to time.

Melo carried the Knicks to the playoffs, so I am not surprised he is backing the coach who allowed him to do what he does best.

Count Carmelo Anthony among those who want to see New York Knicks interim head coach Mike Woodson back next season.

“Absolutely,” Anthony told ESPN’s Hannah Storm in an interview for ESPN’s “Face2Face.” “I’m a big supporter of what coach Woodson has done. His approach to the game, and what he gets out of all his players, even me. He holds everybody accountable and that’s what we need.”

Since Woodson has taken over the Knicks have went 16-6.

I don’t know if long term the Melo Man Ace and friends show can compete for championships, but I think Woodson deserves at least another year to try.