Charles Barkley Thinks NBA Lottery Might Be Rigged For the Brooklyn Nets


I can see Chuck’s point of view on this. The year LeBron James declared for the draft I found it kind of fishy that Cleveland ended up with the number one pick in the lottery, giving them the opportunity to draft the Ohio native. So I won’t be surprise if the Blue Ivys (Brooklyn Nets) end up with the number one pick to bring in a star like Anthony Davis to fill up those sits in the new arena.

Chuck was on ESPN 1000 in Chicago earlier today and said he’ll be “very leery” if the Blue Ivys gets that number one pick.

“I’ve got to tell you something, I’m really concerned about the number one pick in the draft this year. Well, number one, I think Michael would take Anthony Davis or I’d kill him (laughs). I can’t say this, but I’m going to be watching the draft lottery very closely because I don’t want no shenanigans.”

I’m going to be very leery if Anthony Davis ends up in Brooklyn. You know, I’m going to be very leery because I know the NBA has a lot riding on that new arena, especially if Deron Williams leaves New Jersey. They didn’t get Dwight Howard. I’m going to be very leery if New Jersey gets that number one pick.”


  1. Don’t leery Chuck; my knicks got Patrick Ewing by a rigged lottery and i’m still sitting here w/o a championship.

    big deal, let it be rigged; it doesn’t make the team better.

    the real story should be anthony davis getting a gillette razor endorsement to shave that unibrow. now that is where the real $$$$$ is going to come from.

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