Chris Paul Says Everyone Loves Blake Griffin Except the Guys He Dunks On

I think the reason some people dislike Blake Griffin has nothing to do with him personally. They just think he is overhyped professionally.

Chris Paul though is a staunch defender of his teammate and had this to say.

This year the Clippers are a threat and Griffin is both acting and being perceived differently. He plays what ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz accurately described as a “confrontational” style of basketball — he is very physical, he complains about every call, he talks a lot of smack, he glares and stalks around the court. He tries to intimidate. And of course, he dunks on people.

It’s getting under some opponents skin, and some fans have started to grow disenfranchised with him.

Chris Paul doesn’t get that, he told the Oklahoman.

“What’s not to like about him?” he said. “He’s fun. He’s funny. He laughs, jokes, smiles. He’s a great guy off the court….

“Shoot, everybody loves him,” Paul said, getting fired up as he talked. “Shoot, don’t nobody love him more than my son. I don’t know nobody that don’t like Blake.”

He paused.

“Except for the guys he dunks on.”

Once again I think these are professional knocks on Griffin not personal ones. Some are valid and what Paul is saying has some validity to it as well.

When you are just known for dunks, you have to expect this type of backlash. Shaq use to get it in his youth. Best way for Griffin to handle it is keep dunking while expanding his game.

I wonder if sports betting sites are taking wagers on the next player Blake dunks on.

Because at times that is more interesting than the game trying to guess who is next.  I do applaud the guys who go for the block knowing there is a chance they can end up on Sportscenter for the wrong reasons.