Christina Nero, Bucs Dezmon Briscoe’s Baby Mama, Goes After Royce Reed (View the Texts)


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A lot of drama for a 4th string Wide Receiver, but it is the gift and the curse of being on the Basketball Wives. When Royce and her new Boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe got a little cozy (Royce Reed & Bucs WR Dezmon Briscoe Get Frisky on Basketball Wives Video), it just was a matter of time before someone came out of the woodwork.

Briscoe has a newborn with the young lady below, Christina Nero. The episode might have rubbed her the wrong way, but whatever the reason she started to release the text messages above.

Text messages can be manipulated, so no way to know if this is really Dezmon texting. In fact Royce says that she is pretty sure that it isn’t.

Can’t condone going through the phone, because that means the trust is lacking somewhat. I will let the BSO Detectives take a look at texts and see what is going on.

Royce says it was a one night stand with the baby mama obviously thinks it is a little bit more based on her Twitter profile.

Someone is lying, someone is crazy and someone is fooling themselves.

The question is who.

7 thoughts on “Christina Nero, Bucs Dezmon Briscoe’s Baby Mama, Goes After Royce Reed (View the Texts)

  • Royce went from DHoward…a starting NBA center to a 4th string receiver…DAMN…times must be gettin hard out there


  • Wow…This girl Christina is extremely dumb and ghetto. Dezmon is just as stupid for having a child with her. Now their son is going to read about what happen, when he gets older, and he’s going to resent both of his parents. Congratulations Christina…You’ve permanently destroyed your relationship with your son because you couldn’t contain your anger and bitter jealousy. Poor baby…You remain ghetto trash filled with ignorance and hate, while Royce remains a happy, college educated woman surrounded by friends and family who love her.

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