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Kobe Bryant isn’t coaching the Lakers but………..

Kobe Bryant thinks he is coaching the Lakers and that makes it a much more interesting story.  Kobe isn’t the first and won’t be the last injured player to talk to teammates in huddles and give advice.

I saw Kendall Marshall doing similar things for North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament, what makes Kobe’s situation unique is that it appears he has Quantum Leaped into a Head Coach’s body and is playing out the part on the sideline.

He is even dressing like one.  Like a black Pat Riley.

Could Kobe become a head coach in the future?

It is very hit and miss when great players try to become coaches. Remember Magic Johnson’s stint as the Lakers head coach, but at least we know Bean will look the part.

We asked Mike Brown for a comment on this story and here is what he had to say……..

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