Deion Sanders Believes Pilar Sanders Might Try to Kill Him

My first reaction was that would never happened.

Then I caught myself and remember all of the stories I have written about shootings, stabbings, rapes, assaults and etc over the years in regard to athletes and women, so I won’t dismiss what Deion is saying.

You would hope it isn’t that serious, but you can never say never these days.

A clearly emotional Sanders spoke to Dallas television station KXAS Monday night and appealed for help.

“My kids, they are scared for their life,” Sanders told the station. “They just saw two women jump their dad in his own house, in his room, in my room. It’s sad.”

“I got locks on my doors right now,” he added. “Is somebody going to have to die? Is it going to be me before the court does something and get this woman out of my house? It’s absurd.”

If you need to get caught up on the entire saga start here (Pilar Sanders Arrested for Assault on Deion Sanders).

There is a timeline of events showing what led up to the arrest.

It would probably be best that Pilar moved out because this has become a volatile situation.  Deion has filed for an emergency protection order.

Pilar’s attorney says his client version of events is different than Deion’s and we will report that when those details are available.