Deion Sanders Says Pilar Sanders Attacked Him & He is Pressing Charges



Picture 7 of 10

Prime is heated.

Details are sketchy as Deion Sanders has went to Twitter to alert us that he was attack in front of his children by his soon to be Ex-Wife Pilar Sanders and a friend.

The friend to our understanding was female, so it was two women who allegedly attacked Deion in his home.

The motivation of the attack appears to be Deion being seen with Babyface’s ex wife Tracy Edmonds on a Broadway Red Carpet event (Deion Sanders & Tracey Edmonds Hit the Red Carpet).

The Sanders’ divorce as taken an ugly turn.

Deion Tweeted a pic of him and his son filling out the police report on Pilar Sanders.  Which has to be a first in the history of Twitter, no one knows who took the picture, hopefully not the police.

Here is the friend who allegedly help beat up Prime Dee Boswell.


  1. You guys should grow up…………….who cares? Handle your business in private. Why would you want to twitter this mess you had to once love her, come on.

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