DeMarcus Ware Says Cowboys Need to be More Like the Giants

If you read between the lines, what DeMarcus Ware is saying is the Cowboys have a team of individuals. That star on the helmet can be addictive.

A lot of players think they are stars, but in reality they are just players with stars on their helmets. Until they figure out the difference they Cowboys won’t prospers.

Asked on NBC Sports Talk to name what the Cowboys need to do to take the next step toward the Super Bowl, Ware brought up the Giants and said he noticed that the Cowboys’ NFC East rivals came together as a team when they needed to last season. Ware thinks the Cowboys could learn something from that.

“I really don’t like to talk about the Giants, but their team camaraderie, where they had the adversity right at the beginning, and then all of a sudden, it really kicked in,” Ware said. “The last maybe eight games, the blood sweat and tears really kicked in, the guys started feeling it and they had that swagger about themselves.”

One thought on “DeMarcus Ware Says Cowboys Need to be More Like the Giants

  • If you have not said it to your management first, then it is not wise to say it to the media. Is he trying to get traded ??

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