Dennis Rodman Says He Isn’t Broke or Sick

Dennis Rodman had a massive child support case pending against him by his ex wife (Dennis Rodman Owes Over $800k In Child Support, Claims He is Broke).

It appears the child support has been reduced and now the Worm wants to let you know he is fine. No need to worry about him.

I’m not a deadbeat dad,” Rodman said. “Yeah, I pay child support. I’m not one of the guys that made Michael Jordan money or Scottie Pippen money. I made a decent living in the NBA, but broke? I’m not broke,” he says.

Asked about having a drinking problem, Rodman disputed that, too.

“I’m not sick, man. People have had those allegations about me since 1995. ‘Dennis parties a lot, Dennis does this.’ I’m going to do what I do. I’ve proved people wrong from day one, I’m still proving people wrong that the fact that I’m still loving it.”

“I feel good. I’m 50 years old, I do go out and have a good time, and most of the things I do is based on appearances around the world.”

Rodman also says he’s unlikely to suffer a similar fate to recently deceased stars like Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse because he does not do cocaine.

“I never even tried cocaine. I never even came near cocaine,” he states.

I don’t know if I believe him about the cocaine, but I do hope he is healthy.