DJs Taunt Kris Humphries With Kanye West “Theraflu” Song

I don’t think people realize that Kris Humphries “WON”.

A year and half ago unless you were hardcore basketball fan you had no idea who Kris Humphries was. Now, he is a household name. On top of that, he didn’t let the reality show drama effect his game, instead he became one of the better power forwards in the league this year.

He is an impending free agent and is about to get paid.

Kanye West can make 10000s songs and dumb people will actually think Jay Z has some personnel pull (he doesn’t), but in the end Humphries will keep doing what he did after the song was played, keep partying.

DJs continue to taunt Kris Humphries by playing Kanye West’s song “Way Too Cold,” which describes the rapper’s love for Kim Kardashian and declares, “Lucky I ain’t have Jay[-Z] drop him [Humphries] from the team.” After the Knicks beat the Nets at MSG on Wednesday, Humphries held court with friends at a booth next to Carmelo Anthony at SoHo club W.I.P. Sources said DJ Theory played West’s track and Humphries stayed late.

The Hump has embraced the villain role and has become better for it.

Can’t be mad at him for that.


3 thoughts on “DJs Taunt Kris Humphries With Kanye West “Theraflu” Song

  • Wait What???

    seriously, Wait What??

    This site bashed Kris Humphries as if it were on the Kardashian payroll and now yall are saying Kris Humphries won???


  • As the President said twice…Kayne is a jackass. And now he has a fat ass…make music out of that. Those DJ’s are stupid and Kanye.

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