Does Tiger Woods Have a Responsibility to Help His Half Brother Who Has Multiple Sclerosis?

I have Step Brothers and Step Sisters.  I might see or speak to my half brothers/sisters once or twice a year.

The question begs if I had millions of dollars, should I be the one who has to help them with their problems?

It is a tricky situation depending on what the problem is. Take a look at Tiger’s situation.

Earl Jr., Kevin and sister Royce are the children of Earl Woods and Barbara Gary, of Kansas, and are 20, 18 and 17 years older than Tiger. Tiger is the product of Earl Woods’ second marriage to Kultida Punsawad.

Prior to their father’s death, the half-siblings had a relationship with Tiger — when he was at Stanford, Royce would cook for him and do his laundry, and in return Tiger bought her a house. As Reilly notes, they’ve been relatively quiet throughout Woods’ tumultuous last few years, and while others who have only been peripheral characters in Tiger’s life have inked tell-all book deals, Earl Jr., Kevin and Royce Woods have not.

Now, however, the relationship is nonexistent, and Kevin Woods — who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009 — can’t work, can’t afford a caregiver, and is in danger of losing his home because of his rapidly deteriorating condition.

According to Tiger’s half-siblings, when they try to contact him he doesn’t return their calls.

In San Jose, Calif., this week, Kevin Woods will sit in his wheelchair a few feet from his television, watching his half-brother play the Masters. He has to. He can’t see otherwise.

According to Earl Jr., who is definitely the most embittered half-sibling, Tiger’s father was the “bonding agent” who kept his kids in contact with each other. But since his death, their contact with Tiger has been nil.

“I’d like to [slap] Tiger, wake him up,” he says. “I’d like to say, ‘Don’t come knocking on the door when you need a bone-marrow transplant.’ To see this is the response we get? Maybe when you see the world like he does, you don’t see what other people are going through. But, seriously? You’ve got problems with your knee? That’s nothing compared to what Kevin is going through. Nothing.”

From what I can gather and this isn’t the first time this story has been reported about Woods’ half siblings, they don’t want to live off Tiger, they just want to be acknowledged and for him to help his half brother who isn’t well.

Does Tiger have an obligation?

He has a charitable foundation that helps millions, why wouldn’t he help save his brother’s house? We don’t know all the issues, maybe Tiger doesn’t see his father other children as brothers/sisters.

I don’t have the answer, because I don’t know what is going on in Tiger’s head. I know what I would do, what would you do?

4 thoughts on “Does Tiger Woods Have a Responsibility to Help His Half Brother Who Has Multiple Sclerosis?

  • If there are differences between the siblings, I WOULD help him out, if only to keep the MEDIA QUIET about this situation. But honestly, if I had Tiger’s money, I would puirchased homes for all my siblings, and their act was so bad that they could not PAY their PROPERTY TAXES, well, it would be on them, and they better NOT ask me for another dime! Just think of all the money they would have saved, not having to pay a mortgage or rent!

    Tiger take care of business, if ONLY TO SHUT UP THE MEDIA!

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  • I have read a lot of different articles regarding Tiger and his siblings. Without Tiger’s side, we only have a one dimension of the situation. For all we know, Tiger has helped his brother in the past, and Tiger never got the thanks or his brother is trying to take advantage of Tiger and his money. Making the situation to where Tiger had to say enough is enough. But until we hear Tiger’s point of view on the entire situation, passing judgment is premature and immature. I have a brother and 2 sisters who have more money than they will ever spend. I am disabled and live on less than $1200 a month. I can not even afford my meds to help me cope with my illness. Do they care? NO.. so why should Kevin Woods be any different in accepting is fate and doing the best he can. No one owes anyone anything in life. Would I appreciate if my brother or sisters help me? Sure, but they don’t have to, I am not their dependant. Kevin, isn’t his brothers, either.

    • You are absolutely right. You or not your siblings dependent. However, your situation has jaded your thoughts on this issue. Your siblings and Tiger should do the right thing. I understand your siblings and Tiger refusing to allow others, including siblings, to sponge off of them continuously. However, to refuse to lend a helping hand when you see your sibling suffering is incomprehensible. Perhaps, you are not in NEED and your siblings sense this. However, I certainly appears that Kevin is in need. We don’t know the whole story however, Tiger should put petty differences aside and do the right thing.

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