Dwight Howard’s Season is Over…Back Surgery Scheduled

It is interesting that Amar’e Stoudemire had a more severe back injury, declined surgery and will attempt to help his team Knicks in the playoffs.

Dwight Howard with a similar but not as severe back injury decides to have surgery all but guaranteeing his team gets eliminated in the playoffs.

Things that makes you go hmmmmm….

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard will undergo back surgery on Friday morning in Los Angeles to repair a herniated disk, effectively ending his season and eliminating him from participation in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Howard’s agent said on Thursday night.

Howard has been complaining of back problems since early March, but it wasn’t until Los Angeles-based spine surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins examined him last week that the herniated disk was discovered.

One thought on “Dwight Howard’s Season is Over…Back Surgery Scheduled

  • Surgery or not (and I’m not a doctor), once you have a back problem(s), it is forever and there is not a true cure.

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