Dwight Howard to Ask For Trade When Season is Over

I remember during the press conference when Howard signed his one year opt in clause and was talking about “Loyalty”, I was begging for someone in the media to ask him, if he was so loyal and Orlando is where he wanted to be why he didn’t sign a long term contract extension.

I attempted to point out to Magic Fans, that this wasn’t a good thing. In fact that it was only going to draw out the eventual breakup (Dwight Howard Says He’s About Loyalty..I Say He’s Confused Child).

It has barely been a month and Dwight is already plotting his way out of Orlando…………AGAIN

Here is what Stephen A. Smith had to say.

“The minute this season is over, according to what I am hearing from his camp, you can expect Dwight Howard to tell Orlando. ‘Get me out of here. I don’t want to be here any longer.’ You’ve got Stan Van Gundy annoyed with the organization. You’ve got Dwight Howard disgusted with the organization. The way he’s been treated, along with the way his teammates have been AWOL on him as far as he’s concerned. You’ve got a problem. Not to mention the fact, there’s one other little Cliff Note that you might find interesting. When he had his back surgery, they were talking about giving him a flight on AirTran or something like that. This is the kind of stuff that I’ve been told in the last 24 hours in terms of how they’ve treated him. He feels as a superstar, he’s been treated as a scrub.”

What Dwight Howard is acting like is a spoiled child. He is a grown man who acts like a 16 year girl during her cycle. The Magic could do us all a favor and get rid of him immediately, he isn’t a leader and isn’t worth the trouble.

2 thoughts on “Dwight Howard to Ask For Trade When Season is Over

  • He’s like the kid who always got his way, when he starting cryin, as for SAS, whatever he says is baseless, he needs to just stay being Water Pistol Pete’s lil crony

  • Dwight Howard is fake and phony and hope they do get rid of him! He Trashed the organization and dogged his team mate and then stabbed the coach in the back and says he is about loyalty. Fake,Fake,Fake Fake Fake.

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