Female Reporter Julie Tristan Sexually Harasses Cardinals David Freese (Video)

I know a lot of female members of the media.

Professional ones who work very hard to succeed in an industry full of men. Some of those male athletes and male media members make it very difficult for them.

That is why this is so disappointing to me, first off if a man did this he would be fired immediately and protest would be coming going up all over the Internet.

When a female does it, I guess it is cute? Freese was extremely uncomfortable and something has to be said. Women scream double standards and equally all the time, so they need to be held to the same standard.

This was an embarrassment to everyone involved.

3 thoughts on “Female Reporter Julie Tristan Sexually Harasses Cardinals David Freese (Video)

  • maybe not sexual harassment but real creepy……

  • I see nothing wrong with this interview…Just a girl having a little fun thats all. Jeez lighten up !!!!

  • I was expecting this to be a lot worse based on what I read earlier. I do think that it’s a good point that there’s a double standard for women reporters, but this probably isn’t the strongest evidence of it. She didn’t do anything really inappropriate. I’m surprised at how big a deal people have made this.

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