Filmmaker Alan Donnes Accuses Former Saints Assistant Mike Cerullo as Bounty Snitch

Luckily for Donnes he doesn’t work at the NFL Network so he can pretty much say what he wants. I don’t think we will ever know who was the original Saints snitch.

I think it could have been multiple people. Once Roger Goodell gets you in the office it is pretty much a wrap. It is like being in a room with Jack Bauer.

Curious if Cerullo addresses the accusations at some point like Shockey did.

During a Tuesday appearance on America’s Radio News Network, filmmaker and author Alan Donnes said that former Saints defensive quality control coach Mike Cerullo was a whistleblower in the bounty scandal that led to wide-ranging sanctions for the Saints, according to Rapid Reporter Larry Holder.

“Donnes described Cerullo as a disgruntled former employee who couldn’t find work after being let go after the 2009 season,” Holder wrote Tuesday afternoon. “Donnes said Cerullo believed Sean Payton and Gregg Williams blocked Cerullo from getting a job in the NFL. Cerullo is currently a football program aide at Connecticut. When contacted by on March 9 concerning Bountygate, Cerullo said he had no comment.”

The NFL won’t confirm or deny.

Unless someone will confesses that is probably going to be the standard answer from the NFL forever.