Florida Company Creates Giant Statues of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh

The term Big 3 has gotten a lot of run with the Miami Heat, now a South Florida company is taking that term to an extreme.

PrimeTime Amusements, a Ft. Lauderdale based global operator, seller and event renter of video arcade machines and simulators, has created three giant foam replicas of the Heat Big 3. The three statues are a 16-foot Dwyane Wade, 18-foot LeBron James and 20-foot Chris Bosh. These foam statues are part of the company’s new “Theming” division. Imagine a 12 year old kid having Miami Heat themed birthday party and daddy shelling out the money to have these three statues? That would make him the talk of his middle school.

Details from the company’s official press release

The PrimeTime Theming division is headed up by an art designer and team of sculptors with 40-years plus experience. The statues are primarily constructed from foam and hard-coated with paint, which ensures that the finished products are lightweight and easy to transport, yet waterproof with the ability to be kept outdoors.

PrimeTime’s team creates the pieces using a combination of CNC 3-D Cutting machinery and hand sculpturing.

At 18 feet, those are some giant headbands to cover up the hairline struggle.

Here is a video detailing the process of the creation of the LeBron statue.