Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Bets $1.8 Million on Clippers over Grizzlies Game 1


Floyd hasn’t been posting betting slips lately, but if this is true he might want to let the world see.

Can you imagine going into the 4th quarter knowing you are about to blow $1.8 million? Regardless of how much money you have, you don’t want to blow almost $2 million.

On the flip side can you imagine Money Mayweather watching the Clippers amazing comeback with all that money on the line?

That is why gambling is so addictive.

If Mayweather keeps winning in the ring, at the sportsbook and with his fiancée Ms. Jackson.  Have you seen here?


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  1. It’s his money and he can do whatever the hell he wants to do with it….that being said….there probably are alot of bets he makes where he loses and doesn’t say sh*t about it….

  2. If he wins, he’s a risk-taking genius…..

    If he loses, he’s a typical (athletic) damn fool and deserves it…..

    • Now when that money runs out, all you’ll see of her is a high-yellow vapor trail (she’ll be moving so fast to get away)…

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