Former NBA Charlie Bell Accuses His Wife Kenya Bell of Spending $110k on Plastic Surgery

One of things that happens during a divorce is someone claims to be broke and they want the other party to hand over some cash.

Normally it is the wife asking from the husband.

This case is no different, Kenya Bell says that her soon to be ex husband Charlie Bell is not living up to his financial responsibilities and in turn Charlie says, that Kenya isn’t that smart with money.

It’s the latest in the couple’s divorce battle — Kenya filed docs complaining her basketball-playing husband Charlie Bell has been shopping at Louis Vuitton in Paris … while she struggles to provide for their children.

Charlie fired back with an explosive response — listing off ALL the ways Kenya has allegedly squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years … and it’s wild.

According to the docs, Kenya spent …

— $82,000 on a Corvette, which she drove for 3 weeks — then resold it for $61,000
— $12,000 on a motorcycle
— $20,000 on criminal attorneys
— $150,000 on “miscellaneous expenses to get even with Mr. Bell”
— $3,000 on her brother’s electric bill
— $9,000 on luggage and shoes
and $110,000 on plastic surgeries and expenses in L.A. for the plastic surgery trips

The question begs if true how did her brother ring up a $3k electric bill? That is more shocking to me than the Corvette or the plastic surgery.

Hopefully the can come to an amicable agreement at some point.

One thought on “Former NBA Charlie Bell Accuses His Wife Kenya Bell of Spending $110k on Plastic Surgery

  • Charlie has to be showing remarkable restraint lately.

    Expenditures like that would make the average dude apprear on the evening news (doing the Perp-Walk)….

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