Former Nets Jayson Williams Released From Prison

Definitely one of the craziest stories of all time (Former Nets F Jayson Williams Gets Min 18 Months in Prison For 2002 Shooting).  The whole thing appears to be over now as Williams has served his time and is free from jail.

The New York Department of Correction website lists Williams as having been released today.

The release of the former Nets all-star from prison brings to a conclusion a tragic ordeal that began Feb. 14, 2002, when a Browning 12-guage shotgun Williams was handling discharged into Christofi’s chest, killing the limo driver just outside the master bedroom of Williams’ 27,000-square-foot home in Alexandria.

After a 2004 trial, Williams was found guilty of four charges of trying to cover-up the incident but a jury was hung on a reckless manslaughter charge. Williams accepted a plea deal that included a minimum sentence of 18 months in prison.

One part of the story that I had forgotten that should be noted.

Williams had signed a massive deal with the Nets back 1998 guaranteeing him $86 million.  30 games into the deal he had a collision with Stephon Marbury his teammate at the time and never played basketball again, but he did collect all of his $86 million.

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