Former WR Charles Rogers’ Arrest Warrant Was for Threatening His Mother

The above picture is from Charles Rogers arraignment stemming from the two unrelated arrest warrants that were issued last week.

It is also a perfect microcosm of his life. His face is a downtrodden Tyrone Biggums while his suit screams “See you at King of Diamonds”.

We reported that one of the incidents involved a traffic stop while the other was an incident involving a family member, now the details of that incident have come out and unfortunately, they are pretty sad.


On Thursday, Rogers turned himself in and appeared before a judge in his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan. has the details of Rogers’ latest legal problems, including something we had previously missed: One of the charges Rogers is facing — making a malicious phone call — stems from a threatening call he allegedly made to his own mother. Another of the charges — conspiring to commit a crime — is because he and his uncle allegedly worked together in threatening his mother. (His uncle is facing the same charges for the alleged threat against his sister.)

Rogers has long had a difficult relationship with his mother, moving in and out of her home as a child because, among other reasons, she was sentenced to a year in prison for welfare fraud when he was 6.

On Thursday the judge released Rogers on a $7,500 bond. Rogers seems to think he got special treatment because he’s a former NFL player: reports that as Rogers left court, he said, “If I was a nobody, they would have crucified me.”

It is sad to say, but that last quote from Rogers just shows that he might be a little out of touch. Nobody is doing any favors because he was a former NFL Player. They didn’t crucify him because even as a criminal, he is small time. Hopefully Rogers can get his life straightened out soon, because right now, he really is a nobody who just happened to play football once.