Giants Victor Cruz Says He Won’t Hold Out Even if Contract Not Renegotiated

There are times when you should hold out and times you shouldn’t.

If you are in a position like Matt Forte in Chicago, you should hold out as long as possible, but in Cruz case the prudent thing to do is to just continue to work and put up numbers.

Over the years a lot of wide receivers have put up big numbers and out performed their contract, but they have pouted about it and it has been terrible PR for them.

Everyone loves Victor Cruz at the moment, let the fans and media be your voice for a new contract and eventually the Giants will sign the check.

Victor Cruz is still dreaming of a lucrative new contract, but he promises that he won’t hold out to get it. The 25-year-old receiver made that vow on Thursday, answering “Yes” when he was asked if he would definitely be at training camp and play the regular season even if the Giants refused to re-work his deal, Cruz is scheduled to make $540,000 in 2012, which is the last year of his rookie contract. So far, he said, there have been no talks about a contract extension. And that, he added, is “fine” with him. “I’ve never been the kind of guy to hold out or rebel or anything like that,” Cruz said. “Because I didn’t have that opportunity. I didn’t get drafted. Any time I’ve got to be in an NFL locker room, I’ll take advantage of it, even if it’s after a Super Bowl. “I’m just happy to be here, man. The money stuff and the contract stuff will kind of take care of itself.”