HBO’s Larry Merchant Assigned to Mayweather vs. Cotto

You are probably asking yourself what is the big deal?

If so watch this….

There was a report (Floyd Mayweather New HBO Deal Allegedly Gives Him Control over Larry Merchant) that Mayweather would be able to censor Larry Merchant.

Read the Merchant quotes, does he seem censored to you?

“They told me that I will be doing the May 5 show, and I am looking forward to it,” Merchant said. “Everybody knows what happened, and it seemed like the right thing to do was to put me on the fight.”

Merchant tried to downplay the notion of a “rematch” with Mayweather.

“To me, it’s a fight I want to see and the fight is first, second and third,” Merchant said. “I understand that there is a certain fascination with the question and answers between Mayweather and me, but the fight is first.

“There have been times when there have been contentious interviews, but we try to treat it professionally, both the fighter and me. In this case [in September], there was a highly controversial ending to a fight and a volatile, explosive atmosphere in the arena. As the next part of that drama, I found myself being personally attacked and I responded spontaneously. When somebody attacks you, you can duck, take the punch or respond. Without thinking about it, I responded the way I did. I felt that it was an honest, spontaneous response and you can’t second-guess that any more than you can second-guess the fans who saw what they saw with the way Mayweather knocked out Ortiz.”

Seems a bit muted.

It isn’t a secret that Merchant doesn’t like Mayweather and so it is difficult for him to be unbiased during his fights.

I will be real curious to what happens if the two of them butt heads again.

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  • Mayweather said during 24/7 that after the fight he wasn’t going to do an interview……he said he was going to chill with his homeboy Fiftycent…..

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