Jalen Rose Ethers Skip Bayless About Exaggerating His HS Basketball Skills (Video)

When it came to light that Skip Bayless was exaggerating about being a Young Pistol Pete Maravich (Skip Bayless Lied About Being a High School Basketball Star..Of Course He Did) we asked out loud if Skip would address it on ESPN’s 1st Take.

The answer was no.

But luckily Jalen Rose decided it needed to be addressed and Skip was forced to admit that he lied about being a Young Maravich.

Interesting thing is that Skip Bayless says he would address it later, but curiously he never did and Jalen Rose disappeared from the show afterward.

But before he left he did coin the phrase.


5 thoughts on “Jalen Rose Ethers Skip Bayless About Exaggerating His HS Basketball Skills (Video)

  • Thank God for BSO because I would have never seen this video of Jalen handing Skip his own ass on a platter. And oh by the way, Ima start calling these young wanna be gunners at the playground Water Pistol Pete. Classic!

  • hilarious skip got owned. WATER PISTOL PETE.

  • skip loves to dish it out ,but reacts like a weasel looking for cover when called out,but can’t take it as witnessed when exposed on his high school basketball record and rose referred to him as water pistol. Bayless recoiled and was a rat w/o an exit strategy thank god for let’s go to commercial that saved him. He thinks he is clever,an expert, and is insightful at best he is pedestrian. Take him off the air I’ll contribute $$ to take him off the air!

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