Jermain Taylor Gets Knockdown AGAIN..Has Crazy Postfight Interview (Video)


Raise your hand if you know Caleb Truax.

Don’t worry my hand is down as well. I watch a lot of boxing, but even I knew little to nothing about Truax. I did a little research before the Jermain Taylor fight and the only relevant information I could find was that he was about the same size of Taylor.

In Taylor’s prime Truax wouldn’t have lasted two rounds. Taylor WAS a world class fighter and the undisputed middleweight champion of the world.

But that seems like so long ago. Yes, Taylor beat Truax, but in reality Truax won because once again Taylor ended up on his back.

If Truax had any real experience or skills Taylor would have went to sleep like he normally does, but Taylor was able to hold and throw a few shots to keep Truax off him to hang on for the victory.

Considering what has happened to him in the past, you would think that Taylor would understand that he just doesn’t have it anymore, but that isn’t exactly what happened.

Look at Taylor’s Trainer, you can tell he doesn’t share Taylor’s enthusiasm.  The one telling comment from Jermain that has to be disturbing is when he says he has been waiting to see how he would react when he was knockdown. If your are thinking about that, you are fighting a losing battle.

I hate to tell athletes when to retire because it is their life, but you have to be worried what is going to happen to Taylor if he gets in the ring with a real world class fighter.

For his own safety I hope someone sits him down and tell him it is over.


  1. So Truax doesn’t have any skills? You wrote “if he had any skills”. So because he isn’t as seasoned or experienced as Taylor, or even as good, it means he doesn’t have ANY skills? Either a redicoulous statement right there, or just a stupid one. So the punch thrown, was that a looping poorly thrown lucky shot? Or was it a perfect and skillful one? Also, for a guy who might be less skilled to go 10 rounds with Taylor, does that mean he has zero defensive skills?

  2. I wouldn’t expect anything less bias from a website that is totally bias to begin with. And before you start, I read your “explanation” trying to explain the meaning of this site. It only comes off more like a race thing.

    With that said, I don’t think I believe you are a boxing fan. More a guy that flips a fight on if it’s a big one. It’s called being a casual fan. The kid Truax was far less experienced then Taylor. Most people found it impressive that he fought hard to keep himself competitive against a world class fighter. I am so sick of reading about how bad Taylor was as opposed to giving a second of credit to his opponent. Truax was outgunned but he was crafty enough not to let a stronger fighter beat him down. Taylor’s chin is not where it was. But his offensive weapons, specifically his jab are still there. I didn’t see anything in that department missing. Only that he was hesitant himself to get his chin tested. It’s fair to say his chin has diminished. But not his punching ability. I normally do not respond to garbage on the net. Anybody can start up a website and call themselves a writer. But you neither do your homework, or analyze anything before “writing”. That was a sadly written article and an even sadder excuse in general for a website name and idea. People like you do not even deserve debate time. You are what is wrong with this country. Think about it. And that statement has nothing to do with race. We are all beautiful and at the same time there are so many bone heads changing that view. Good day to you sir.

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