Jets Antonio Cromartie Has His 10th Child…10 Kids, 8 Women, 6 States (Photos of All)

It should be noted that this is his 2nd child with his wife Terrica Cromartie and since he has gotten married, he has settled down.

Also as of today all of the child support issues he had before he became a New York Jet has been cleaned up and there are no outstanding issues with that.

So, you can’t say at least financially he isn’t taking care of his children.

With that being said Cromartie is 27 with 10 kids. That is amazing, I would say that it is surprising, but we know that isn’t the case, right Dwight Howard?  Unlike Howard though at least Cromartie acknowledges his offspring.

Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie, 27, recently had his second child with wife Terricka, making 10 — one short of a football squad.

Their baby boy, Jagger, joins sister Jurzie — and eight half-siblings from Cromartie baby mamas across the country.

But the happy occasion is mixed with turmoil. His far-flung fatherhood has intrigued a TV production company that wants to create a reality show about the clan “trying to co-exist as a modern family,” a source told The Post.

Most of the moms want to do the show, but “Cro” says no.

The baby mamas he left behind have banded together so their kids can bond with their brothers and sisters in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jersey.

It’s not the kind of spotlight sought by Cromartie, who famously fumbled the names of his brood on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” in 2010 — and even forgot to count one kid.

The thing about the Reality Show is what are the mothers motivation?

Is it to help their financial situation as they say or is it to take this unique situation and become famous?

I tend to believe it is the latter, so Cromartie is probably doing the right thing keeping himself and children off TV.  Hopefully for all involve they are able to co-exist because like it or not they are a family.

Since Cromartie is married now, no need for these, but if he had a hot tub time machines I am sure he wishes he could have invested in these.

We know who must have baptized Cromartie’s last kid.

14 thoughts on “Jets Antonio Cromartie Has His 10th Child…10 Kids, 8 Women, 6 States (Photos of All)

  • He’s taking care of his own, so props for that, at least.

  • He’s not taking care of them of his own free will. Best believe if the court wasn’t forcing him, those kids would be suffering.

  • You can say “if” but the fact remains that they ARE being taken care of…

  • Of course the moms want to do the show. Most of them are probably gold diggers who see the pay check. How are these guys so stupid. It’s going to be real fun for “Cro” when he is done playing football and has nothing to show for it but bad knees and memories of having money.

  • Wait until he’s out of football….

    That’s when the real drama is going to begin. I don’t wish it on him, but chances are he’s going to end up broke like most end up….

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