Kentucky Fan Offers Wife to HS Recruit Nerlens Noel for Commitment to School

I can tell by the haircut that Noel already thinks he is a star and as long as he backs it up on the court that is fine. He is deciding between Kentucky, Georgetown and Syracuse, so UK fans decided to go all out.

I checked out Bourbon Street and, man, that was just crazy! No other word for that.

I’ve never taken that many pictures in my life. Ever.

I literally got stopped hundreds of times and took dozens and dozens of pictures. The fans were showing me so much love out there, and I definitely have to say that most of the fans were from Kentucky.

Now of course that had a lot to do with the fact that they were playing there, but I’m always just shocked at how dedicated Kentucky fans are. One man asked me if I wanted to take his wife home with me, ha ha. I couldn’t believe it. I was like “Nah, I’m good,” but that’s just how insane the fans were down there. Great atmosphere.

I am sure that is some type of NCAA violation, but I digress.

What is it about Kentucky fans offering up their wives as payment? It is like they are stuck in the 1800’s. I would love to hear what the wife thought about her husband putting her on a platter for an 18 year old guy with a Kid high top fade.

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  • you obviously havent been to kentucky

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