Kentucky Fans Light the Streets on Fire..Highlights From The Lexington Police Scanner

If you were up late last night after the NCAA Championship game, the best entertainment around was listening to the Lexington Police Scanner.

I personally didn’t know that you could listen to a police scanner via the Internet, but I do now.

From the sexy female voice on the scanner, fans running naked in the streets and a possible shooting or two, it was a must listen.

Here were some of the highlights.

Monitoring events on the streets of Lexington went viral on Twitter. The hashtag #LexingtonPoliceScanner was a top trend on the social networking site for hours, tweets incorporating the tag often including links to online streams of Lexington Police scanner activity. Most reports heard over the scanner were colorful as opposed to disturbing:

  • “Pulled over car with subjects shooting fireworks out the windows…”
  • “Check the road for couch debris…”
  • “Burning futon is not in the roadway it’s in their driveway so they can deal with it.”
  • A pair of nude men “either found their pants or they went inside.”

Additionally, one sultry-voiced Lexington P.D. dispatcher developed an odd minor celebrity among Twitter eavesdroppers:

* “I’m considering a serious cash prize to whoever can get me the number of the one dispatcher. 911 does not count.”
* “Think the dispatcher can parlay this fame into a Bravo reality show? Maybe TLC if she’s engaged?”

Nothing says winning a championship like thirst for a 911 dispatcher.