Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Attend Kings Hockey Game Together (Photos)


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Not sure why this surprises so many people.

Every celebrity couple who is going through a divorce, doesn’t have to be at each other throats and slandering reputations in the media.

If you have kids you want to do the opposite of that.

Who knows if the divorce will ever becomes final between Kobe and Vanessa, but at least from the outside looking in it appears they are getting along fine. Doesn’t mean they are back together or not, just means they took their kids to hockey game.

No ring on for Vanessa by the way.

3 thoughts on “Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Attend Kings Hockey Game Together (Photos)

  • All of these details about their private lives, yet no mention of the score of the actual hockey game. I consistently hope that this site will put more focus on sports and less on the sideshow, but my hopes are consistently shattered. Some of us would actually like to cut the cord with ESPN one of these days.

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