Kobe & Vanessa Bryant’s Divorce Still On..$75 Million & 3 Mansions at Stake


Every time Kobe and Vanessa are spotted with one another (Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Attend Kings Hockey Game Together) immediately people jump to the conclusion that they are back together. That is because in the society we live in today, we equate celebrity divorce with drama.

They assume Kobe and Vanessa are suppose to be fighting and leaking stories to TMZ. In reality, most couple going through a divorce especially if they have children try to be civil.

As TMZ first reported, Kobe has been “aggressively” trying to save his marriage … swearing up and down he will never cheat again.

We’re told Vanessa was open to the idea of a reconciliation … but as of now, the divorce is still expected to move forward with Vanessa set to walk away with all three of the Bryant’s Newport mansions PLUS $75 million in cash.

The question begs what is the motivation for Kobe wanting to reconcile?

Cheaper to keep her?

Real love?

Doesn’t want to be away from his daughters?

Scared Matt Kemp might try to holla?

Could be all of the above, but as of right now Vanessa is still in line to be a free agent like Deron Williams in a few a months.



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