Kris Humphries Says Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Relationship is a Publicity Stunt

The Hump is probably right.

When you read the quotes they make perfect sense for anyone with some common sense. Kayne and Kim combined net worth is well over $100 million if they didn’t want their outings to be public knowledge they wouldn’t be.

But as you will read they both are motivated to get their name out in the public right now.

Despite reports that say Kim and Kanye started dating just two weeks ago, our sources tell us that Humphries says that it has been on again-off again between his estranged wife and the Grammy award winning singer for much longer.

“Kris knows for a fact that this dalliance between Kim and Kanye has been going on for at least the last two years. Kim kept in touch with Kanye after she married Kris and promised him that she would cut off communication with him, but she never did. Kris is suspicious of the timing of Kim deciding to go public with the relationship because the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is premiering in May, and Kanye has released a new album,” an insider tells us.

“Kris knows that Kanye NEVER would have recorded those lyrics about Kim without her permission, period. Kris wonders if Kanye is going to drink the ‘Kardashian Kool Aid’ as he calls it, because if you aren’t a family member and don’t fall in line with what Kris Jenner dictates, you are persona non grata.

The Hump also says that Kim is a serial cheater and that his favorite Kanye West song is “Gold Digger”.

Ironic even though I think the proper term to describe Kim Kardashian is an opportunist and attention whore.

3 thoughts on “Kris Humphries Says Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Relationship is a Publicity Stunt

  • “Publicity Stunt” or not hopefully Kanye is tapping dat..

    • If he is hitting it, I hope he’s smart enough to scald his member with 200 degree water before and after the event……

  • Kris says he does not care what Kim does but I surprised he still has so much to say about her. It is a sad thought Kris, but she never loved you otherwise she would have stayed. If her mother was not around you probably could have had a successful marriage with her. We all know it will take you a while to finally get over her but you will soon enough. It is obvious that she and Kanye is just for show.Hope you have better luck with your next girlfriend.

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