Lamar Odom Confrontation With Mark Cuban Reason For Deactivation

What I have be able to gather is a lot of things happened in Lamar Odom’s last game with Mavericks. No one knows exactly sure what took place, but whatever it was it was enough to get him deactivated for the rest of the year.

A confrontation with Dirk has been reported and now rumors have surfaced that Odom got into with Mavs owner Mark Cuban.

Lamar Odom clashed with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban during halftime of his final game with the team, it was reported today.

According to sources, Cuban confronted Odom, asking the reigning Sixth Man of the Year if he was “in or out.”

After the altercation, Odom waited until the third quarter had already started to take his seat on the bench. A source told that Odom even coming out for the second half came as a surprise.

It was obvious that Lamar Kardashian was “OUT”.