Larry Brown Devastated When “Hero” Michael Jordan Fired Him as Bobcats Coach

Larry Brown is a legendary basketball coach, also legendary is his penchant for not being able to stay in one place for very long. One of the many stops along the way was coaching the Charlotte Bobcats to their only playoff appearance working under Michael Jordan. Only a few seasons later, the Bobcats are on the verge of having the worst season in NBA History and Larry Brown was on “The Dan Patrick Show” talking about the Bobcats season and his relationship with Jordan.


“It’s one thing for me to get fired, but I have four or five assistants and they’re out there not able to work,” said the 71-year-old Brown, who was named SMU coach this week. “And it was the worst. And when your hero fires you… I just couldn’t believe it. You know I love the guy, think he’s brilliant, but he’s around people who don’t have a clue. And they won’t challenge him. And the more you challenge him, the more you get from him.

“I was sick about it. I haven’t spoken to him since. I don’t like seeing what’s going on.”

Jordan has become a laughing stock as a personnel guy and some are even wondering if it is tarnishing the legacy of the greatest basketball player of all time. Everybody remembers the Kwame Brown pick when he was with the Wizards, but he also got rid of Raymond Felton and Tyson Chandler for next to nothing.

Brown was quick to point out that he doesn’t think Jordan’s basketball knowledge can be questioned, but rather thinks its a matter of being surrounded by the wrong people.

“When I was able to visit with him and pick his brain, he knows, but he’s got people around him that just make you sick,” Brown said to Patrick. “And it was not comfortable. It was almost like there were spies wondering what you were doing and getting back to him. I should have spent more time face to face with Michael because I do see the passion. I think he’s hurt right now.

“We all make bad decisions. This draft thing is not a perfect science, but when I talk to him about players, you know strengths and weaknesses, what we need to do to be successful, he’s right on point. But he has all these other people that will get in the way, and you can’t do it like that.”

Greatest of all time listening to the wrong people? Sounds like one more way LeBron wants to be like Mike.

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  • Why bring Lebron into it? What the heck does LBJ have to do with Michael’s poor managerial skills? Smh.

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