Lebron Gives Jay Z’s Nephew His Shoes After Dropping 17 Straight Points to Beat Nets (Video)

I think it is fair to say the Heat didn’t take the Nets very seriously last night especially with Deron Williams not playing. In the end Lebron (Wade didn’t play because of the spiritual experience he had with Tim Tebow at the Yankees game) pulled it out in the 4th (he does that from time to time) by scoring 17 straight points to erase the deficit.

After the game, he introduced Norris Cole to Jay Z, then he and Hov engaged in some Illuminati talk like offensive coordinators who don’t want you to see what plays they are running.

Lastly he hooked up Jay’s nephew (Beyonce’s sister Solange’s son Julez) with all of his gear including his shoes. I am fighting the urge to tell a joke how Lebron’s headband covers the boys whole head.

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