Lingerie Football League Goes on Extended Hiatus



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You never want to hear the words Lingerie and Hiatus in the same sentence.

Not good in the bedroom or the football field, but alas our scantily clad ladies from the LFL will sit out the 2012 Season like Sean Payton while the league re-brands itself.

“Yes, we have shifted the LFL US schedule, because we believe ultimately LFL Football in the US and abroad is a better product in the Spring and Summer months. This extended hiatus also enables our LFL US teams to focus on recruiting and ultimately continuing to teach the fundamentals of the game.”

“This hiatus also enables us to take this great game of ours international with the premiere of LFL Canada and in 2013 the kickoff of LFL Australia. We are focused to not simply resting on being called the ‘fastest growing sports league in the US’ (BusinessWeek) but the fastest growing sports franchise in the world.” said Mitchell Mortaza.

Don’t know if this is wishful thinking or excellent business strategy, we will see.

What we do know is this is one less league Terrell Owens can play in now.

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